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About Deepgrooves

We have the production that you are looking for! We are the only Vinyl Pressing Plant worldwide which is producing premium vinyl records As Green As Possible.

We are fully functioning on green energy. Ecological friendly and sustainably made within a 99% circular environment, pressing fast, green, affordable and innovative vinyl records. We don’t green wash our production….WE ARE GREEN!

We love music and we love vinyl. For most independent labels something was missing. For years we struggled with challenges around minimal runs of records that needed to be pressed, waiting lines, complex processes, minimal communication, waste of materials and the lack of quality of the records once we received them. These disappointing experiences triggered us to come up with a better solution and different approach: Deepgrooves was founded late September 2017.

Deepgrooves is founded by Chris Roorda and is located in the former prison in Leeuwarden called Blokhuispoort. Chris Roorda is a passionate vinyl collector, DJ, music lover and owner of the long and established Deeptrax Records shop and label. Deepgrooves has a clear vision on how it should be done differently when it comes to releasing your music on vinyl.

Together with a dedicated team of music enthousiasts that have many years of experience within the music business, Deepgrooves aims to create a new and unique standard in vinyl pressing and gives your music the attention it deserves!

Why Deepgrooves?

  • We offer standard High Fidelity vinyl with perfect rims and smooth edges.
  • ECO friendly factory with green, sustainable green energy driven technology.
  • New equipment and infrastructure to guarantee consistency in production.
  • Unbeatable price / premium quality specifications.
  • We offer 7″, 10″ and 12″ records with numerous options.
  • Pressing records on ECO friendly calcium zinc based granulate.
  • Color pressings and marbled pressings possible in flexible quantities.
  • 140 and 180gr LP/12″ and 45gr  7″ pressings or 110gr 10″ of very quiet vinyl granulate.
  • Standard next level printing with e.g. polished Tullis Russell Labels.
  • Standard FSC certified high quality solid 300 grams Outer Sleeves.
  • Standard thick heavy 90 grams FSC Inner Sleeves.
  • Limited editions, Box sets and small runs possible.
  • Analog and hybrid mastering to guarantee you the best in sound quality.
  • Hundreds of different options available in printing and production.
  • Best cutting possibilities on the Neumann VMS 70 and 80 on Lacquer or DMM available.
  • We are flexible, speak different languages and do have actual phones.
  • Quick turnaround of nowadays 30-45 working days.
  • Almost 100% circular vinyl pressing plant, with recycling and without serious waste.
  • Easy ordering system and transparent pricing calculator.
  • Quick delivery within Europe and split shipment is possible as well as delivery worldwide.
  • Open communication and active production time line updates.
  • Years of experience within the field of music production and technique.
  • Extensive triple quality control by eye and hand not by machines.
  • First class couriers for perfect delivery with heavy duty ECO friendly packaging.
  • All orders are shipped with eco friendly carbon neutral express service.

We are located in an inspiring former prison so please come by for a visit or drop us an email or phone call for any questions.

Blokhuisplein 40
8911 LJ  Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 58 – 870 1387

Chamber of Commerce Registration No: 857453439
VAT Registration No: NL857453439B01

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